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The Amity Affliction // Death’s Hand


let’s talk about the universe and make out

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All Time Low - Weightless

Tuesday afternoon

The Story So Far by Mimi Hong on Flickr.


This is me, Eliza Thornberry, part of your average family. I’ve got a dad, a mom, and a sister. There is Donnie - we found him. And Darwin, he found us. Oh yeah, about our house - it moves, because we travel all over the world. You see, my dad hosts this nature show, and my mom shoots it. Okay, so we’re not that average. And between you and me, something amazing happened… and now I can talk to animals. It’s really cool, but totally secret. And you know what? Life’s never been the same. 

When you haven’t watched this show in literally 7 years and can still read this in your head in her exact voice, and remember what parts to emphasise…

Montrose- Man Overboard

Really happy bc new merch came in ❤️
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